Democrats TAX EVERYTHING!!! Taxocrats (TM) Always Hike TAXES!!!


Extremist Radical Dumb TAX EVERYTHING Democrat MASSIVE Taxes

Why work? Leftist Socialist Islamocrats will give you everything FREE!

Special Counsel needed for Obama/Biden/Clinton nexus of corruption, Uranium One, email server, selling access, influence peddling, pay to play, bribery, official misconduct, cover-up, obstruction, Ukraine
18 U.S.C. § 2384.Seditious conspiracy

Socialist Islamocrats have no ideas so they steal from people
Dumorats In Love With Big Tax Hikes
AOCretin's Tax Plan Creates 82.7% Top Income Tax Rate for New Yorkers
Senile Biden Proposes $1 Trillion in New Corporate Taxes
Democratic candidate would raise minimum rates on companies to pay for health-care, climate, infrastructure and education policies
Biden proposes minimum federal tax aimed at Amazon and others who pay $0
Minimum tax is one part of his plan to get $3.2 trillion over 10 years to fund his proposals addressing climate change, infrastructure, health care and higher ed
Taxohontas Is the WeWork Candidate
What do ‘Community Adjusted Ebitda’ and Medicare for All have in common?
Taxohontas tax plan eliminates any incentive to invest, wealth tax pioneer says
Taxohontas ‘2 Cents’ Come at Your Expense
Her levy on wealth would sink stocks, raise interest rates, and confiscate far more than she admits.
Taxohontas Wants to Run Against Lloyd Blankfein
France Tried Soaking the Rich. It Didn’t Go Well.

Socialist Islamocrats Massive Taxes
Taxohontas Tax Hikes
Medicare for All $170 TRILLION
Taxohontas $129 TRILLION
Taxocrats $100 TRILLION
Taxohontas Is the WeWork Candidate $60 TRILLION Medicare Trash
Bernie concedes his climate plan is 'expensive'
Here's a list of $20.35 trillion of Fake Indian Serial Liar Taxohontas tax hikes
Harris/Sanders Medicare for All cost $33 Trillion/10 years $170 Trillion/30 years
Taxahontas (TM) Has Proposed or Backed Plans Totaling Estimated $129 TRILLION in Government Spending
Three of Taxahontas' proposals alone cost $2.365 trillion
The Democrats' $100 TRILLION agenda
The Problem with Fake Indian Serial Liar Taxohontas Tax Plan
Medicare-For-All Is a Plot to Pillage You $35 trillion tax to pay for it all
Rahm Emanuel calls Democrats' 'Medicare-for-all' plan 'insane,'
Socialist Islamocrats (TM) have a plan — let's pay $7 trillion more for healthcare without any improvement in care
Billionaires face 97.5 percent tax rates under Sanders’ plan
$59 trillion over a decade: Analysis finds health spending would rise, not fall, under 'Medicare for all'
Taxohontas Medicare for All plan shows that progressivism is undeliverable pie in the sky
Taxohontas tax plan eliminates any incentive to invest, wealth tax pioneer says
Fake Indian Taxohontas Medicare For All” Plan Is So Bad That Even Dums Are Openly Throwing It In The Trash
Taxohontas Medicare For All: ‘It Is From Fantasy Land’
This chart shows just how much Taxohontas and Senile Bernie want taxes
Taxohontas Can't Figure Out How to Pay for Medicare for All Without Middle Class Tax Increase
Bernie unveils plan to raise corporate tax rate to 35% and ban stock buybacks
Green New Deal would cost up to $93 trillion, or $600G per household, study says
Fake Indian Taxohontas Medicare For All” Plan Is So Bad That Even Dums Are Openly Throwing It In The Trash
Taxohontas Medicare For All: ‘It Is From Fantasy Land’
Taxohontas' stubborn dishonesty on raising middle-class taxes
Taxifornia (TM) Has Tried Taxonomics, It's Been A Disaster
VIDEO: 17 Times Taxohontas Has Dodged the Middle Class Tax Question
Taxohontas to destroy energy industry
Taxohontas (TM) Is More Health-Care Cipher Than Firebrand
Sanders wants to raise taxes on companies that have large pay gaps between CEOs, employees
Bernie follows up 'wealth tax' proposal with new 'income inequality tax'
Hike Corp tax rate to 35% Ban stock buybacks
Sanders says 'billionaires shouldn’t exist'
Green New Deal would cost up to $93 TRILLION, or $600G per household, study says
Dums Call for Trillion Dollar Tax Hike
Inslee proposes $9T clean energy jobs and infrastructure plan
Warren proposes new $1 Trillion tax on profits of big companies like Amazon
Bernie: 'Medicare for All' would raise taxes by $16.2 trillion
Big win for tax hikes, big trouble for the middle class
'Swamp' thwarts Trump with $1.9 TRILLION ‘hidden tax’ in regulations
Dumorats Massive Taxes Plans
Moron Newsom Stumped By High Gas Prices In California Where Gas Taxes Outstrip The Other 49 States
Six Graphs Showing Just How Much the Government Has Grown
As companies flee blue cities, middle class workers are hurt
Connecticut’s Tax Roulette
Dumorats in Hartford drive more hedge funds out of state.
Two French economists advise Warren and Sanders on wealth tax
Why Isn’t Taxifornia Gov. Newsom Celebrating Sky-High Gas Prices?
Newsom’s $209 billion budget calls for new taxes
Wealthy Americans flee high-tax states, take billions with them: 'Tax the rich. The rich leave'
Socialist Islamocrats (TM) are pushing the biggest tax increase you've never heard of
Socialist Islamocrats wants to tax soda, tires, guns, water, pain pills, lawyers, car batteries…
San Francisco considers tax change to cash in on the tech IPO wave
Old problem, tired old solution: Democrats want to tax millennials to save Social Security
$269 billion in new state taxes and fees proposed
NJ bill derided as a 'rain tax' is law. Here's what it really is and who will pay.
California goes tax wild, eyes levies on everything from water to tires
Ron Wyden’s Plan to Drain Investors
A new Socialist Islamocrat idea to grab revenue: Tax unrealized capital gains.
Elizabeth Warren’s proposed “wealth tax” of 3% a year, AOC’s 70% income tax, Bernie Sanders’s 77% estate tax, or Rep. John Larson’s uncapped payroll-tax increase of 2.4 percentage points, they now have a fifth option. Oregon Senator Ron Wyden wants to tax capital gains as regular income, meaning rates up to 37%. He would also tax unrealized gains, perhaps decades before the investor sells.
Genius Gavin Newsom Can’t Figure Out Why Gas Costs So Much In California
Taxohontas under fire on ‘Medicare-for-all’
Taxohontas Health Care Plan Will Cost Much More Than She Says
Hold on to your wallets: Sales tax increasing in 51 California cities starting Monday
New Tax Could Hurt Value of Some of New York’s Most Expensive Homes
Plan to impose so-called pied-à-terre tax would levy biggest tax on properties valued at $25 million or more
Gavin Newsom has big ideas: Will they require big taxes?
Inslee’s big tax plan: Even Democratic lawmakers aren’t all on board
TAX EVERYTHING! California Poised to Introduce New Taxes on Batteries, Soda, Tires, Medicine, MORE
Taxifornia’s Gas Tax Hikes
Details of Newsom's drinking water tax plan revealed
This $120 water tax on top of the highest gas tax,
higher vehicle registration fees,
one of the highest state income taxes.
Value-added tax won’t push companies out of the US, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang says
NYC Brokers Say Pied-a-Terre Tax Is ‘Class Warfare’ on the Rich
Pritzker Unveils Online Graduated Income-Tax Calculator
Pritzker last week rolled out his plan to end Illinois' flat-tax, now set at 4.95 percent
In The 1970s, Bernie Sanders Wanted To Nationalize Industries And Create A 100% Tax Rate
Maryland has better alternatives to the millionaire’s tax
Whitmer’s gas tax hits Michigan’s poorest residents, those with debt
The Trouble With Taxing Wealth
Socialist Islamocrats Aim for Financial-Transactions Tax
A 0.1% levy on stock, bond and derivative trades could raise $777 billion over a decade
Business groups go on lobbying offense against financial transaction tax proposed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats
Wall Street Tax Act of 2019 House Democrats are reintroducing a Massive financial services tax
Titled the “Wall Street Tax Act of 2019,” Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., is planning to file a bill that slaps a tax on security transactions. One of the co-sponsors of the legislation is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Bernie joins the Democrats' tax party with new levy on large estates
Elizabeth Warren's plan to tax the super-rich has been tried before. Here's what happened.
70% Tax Rate? Another Awful Idea From Congress' Socialist Caucus
New Jersey Governor Again Seeks Higher Taxes on Wealthy
AOCretin Mom Left New York Because of High Taxes
AOCretin 70 percent tax would only cover small portion of Green New Deal
Obama Warns New House Dems That Liberal Policies Like the Green New Deal Are Very Expensive
Senate Socialist Islamocrats Refuse to Vote for their OWN Green New Deal Bill
Elizabeth Warren’s $700 billion plan to get women off mommy track and boost their careers
Manhattan congestion pricing tolls,'mansion' tax and a ban on plastic bags are approved for in New York state's budget agreement
Top Finance Dem to propose annually taxing wealthy people's investment gains
After Banning Plastic Bags, NYC Will Now Tax Paper Bags
Socialist Islamocrats want to force businesses to contribute to retirement plans, and they’ll pay for it by raising taxes on the wealthy
Bernie Sanders: I don’t support open borders
“Can’t Do It”: If We Open The Borders We’ll Have Poor People All Over The World Coming Here, Says … Bernie Sanders
Elizabeth Warren wants to raise $1 trillion in revenue with a new 7% tax
Elizabeth Warren outlines the next part of her plan to destroy the economy
MA Rolls Out Literal Millionaires Tax
In their first 100 days, socialist Democrats have shown they are unable to lead, call for over $100 trillion in new spending
Congestion tax on drivers gains steam in big cities after New York approves controversial plan

Socialist Taxocrats Plan🤮
Tax Everything
Free Everything for Votes
Massive Tax Hikes
Massive New Taxes
Free Welfare for Illegals
Open Borders
All men in women's sports
No more airplanes, cars, trains or buses
Stop cow farts
Illegals can vote
Eliminate oil & gas
Pelosi Warns That The Democrat Field Is So Far Left That Is Scares Even Her

Dangerous Despicable Dumb Disgraceful Demented Socialist Islamocrats
Chelsea Clinton emphatically states a person with a beard and a penis can 'absolutely' identify as a woman, while mom Hillary disagrees
So Obama knew all along about deep state's bid to Get Trump…
Never Forget: CAIR's Dirty Deeds
Saturday Schadenfreude: Watch Dems predict Mueller probe results in Trump impeachment
Most 2020 Democrats blow off carbon offsets: 'No one is ready to walk the walk'
Beto: Sorry About All That Kid Murdering Stuff
Revisiting teenage Beto's misogynistic online posts
Ilhan Omar Blasts Obama For "Caging Of Kids" Along Border, 'Getting Away With Murder' Overseas
Ilhan Omar: Obama’s a ‘pretty face’ who got ‘away with murder’
WSJ Editorial Board Has Some Bad News For Nadler And His Hunt For "Obstruction"
Jerry Nadler’s Son Works For Firm Suing Trump, Which Presents Conflict of Interest
Dem rips Clapper: He 'needs to stop making excuses for lying to the American people'
HuffPost Takes Biden To The Woodshed: Wall Street, Big Money, Weak On Abortion
Why Would ANY Conservative, Republican or Business Owner EVER Move to Communist New York State?
The Anti-Semitism of AOC, Omar, and Tlaib
Warren claimed to be ‘American Indian’ on Texas bar registration
Orifice-Cortez suggested members of Congress should get paid more, but a majority of Americans want the complete opposite
Are big tax increases coming to California?
Dems’ Post-Mueller Letter Messaging Strategy Is Now Clear – And Full Of Lies
What Is The Connection Between James Clapper, Victor Pinchuk, And CTO Of Only Company To Work On Hacked DNC Server?
No Collusion: 10 anonymously sourced Trump-Russia bombshells that look like busts
For the flaw in 'Medicare for all,' just look to Britain's NHS
The Social Security 2100 Act Would Significantly Harm Americans
It's official: Russiagate is this generation's WMD
The Iraq war faceplant damaged the reputation of the press. Russiagate just destroyed it
Mollie Hemingway vs. Philippe Reines on Mueller: "It's Important To Understand, Philippe, It's Over"
Russiagate’s Damage To The Country Will Take Years To Realize
What Did Obama Know and When Did He Know It?
Time for transparency: Mueller effectively indicts the Obama Justice Department and FBI.
Journalism Dies in Self-Importance
So How Fake Is Fake News? Media Published 500,000-Plus Stories About Russia Collusion
The Collusion Delusion: Look Who Said What (and Should Be Ashamed)
Yang proposal could mean prison for owners like Zuckerberg and Buffett
MSM Journalists Turn on Obama CIA Director John Brennan
Gillibrand in 2018 paid 13.4 percent in federal taxes on $218K of earned income
Kamala Harris’s Teacher-Pay Plan: Adventures in Logrolling
The Southern Poverty Law Center Is in a State of Moral Collapse
Is AOC now giving orders to Chuck Schumer, too?
How Dems Plan to Lock In a Majority
Restrictions on speech, court packing, adding new states—51 senators would be enough to do it all.
Behind the Green New Deal: An elite war on the working class
BOMBSHELL: Donald Trump is Finished VIDEO
What Was Obama's Role? What did Obama know and when did he know it? What did he do and when did he do it?

SPECIAL COUNSEL needed for real Russian Collusion, Sedition, Subversion, Treason, Mail Wire Fraud, Abuse of Power, Depriving Citizens of Honest Services, Perjury, Corruption, Bribery, Unmasking, etc.

Obama Biden Clinton Clapper Brennan Lynch Comey McCabe Ohr Powers Rice Strzok Page Yates Schiff Nadler etc
Taxifornia ‘Bullet’ Train Just One of Countless Projects Bilking Taxpayers
Today's Democratic Party is a hoax factory
It's official: Russiagate is this generation's WMD
The Iraq war faceplant damaged the reputation of the press. Russiagate just destroyed it
‘Leftism destroys everything it touches’: PragerU details how the Left has ruined everything from our universities to the Boy Scouts
'Clinton Cash' Author Schweizer Accuses Joe Biden Of Corruption In New Book
Peter Schweizer just dropped a nuke on Joe Biden's 2020 chances
If AOC's Green New Deal is so good then New York City should try it out
Levin slams Joe Biden for race-baiting: ‘This is a party saturated in racism’
The real Obama-Clinton cover-up
It must be investigated, going where the facts may lead
Collusiongate, RIP
Government Makes Beer More Expensive
Comey and the FBI are about to be in a WORLD of hurt
An Awkward Kiss Changed How I Saw Joe Biden
Female Lt. Gov. Nominee: Joe Biden ‘Made Me Feel Uneasy, Gross, And Confused’
Compilation of Joe Biden being Creepy
Hollywood to Georgia: The Babies Die or We Walk!
Joe Biden’s got a long history of touching women inappropriately.
Joe Biden Can’t Recall Kissing Incident Because He’s ‘So Used to Behaving’ That Way
Schweizer Details New Corruption Claims Against Joe Biden
Maher and guest slam George Clooney over call for Beverly Hills Hotel boycott: 'It's chickensh— tokenism'
Biden’s $200,000 paid speech praising a House Republican, briefly explained
AOC blames aide for 'farting cows' Green New Deal document
The new minimum wage is killing NYC’s once-thriving restaurant scene
Even New York’s millionaires are fleeing to less expensive cities
Bernie continues to dodge questions about releasing his tax returns, even as he pressures Trump to do the same
Klobuchar Claims She Will Take on Pharma, Has Taken $400,000 From the Industry
Sales tax is going up in dozens of California cities: See the full list here
Santa Clara County sanctuary for violent offenders must end
Brutal murder demands that counties inform ICE
Collusion? Russians Gave $35 Million to Company with John Podesta on Board
Biden ‘Steered $1.8 Billion’ to Ukraine While His Son Bagged ‘Sweetheart Deal’ from Their Gov
2020 Democrats go silent after Senate’s Green New Deal debacle
Lesbian activist says she was ousted from Baltimore's LGBTQ Commission for using the wrong pronoun to identify a rapist who identified as trans
Tranny boy wins girls’ state wrestling title for second time
Tranny teens outrun track and field girl competitors
AOC ripped by Obama-era Border Patrol chief for 'reckless' rhetoric
Investor rips Orifice-Cortez as ‘financially illiterate’ at Sharpton conference
Massachusetts And New York Beginning To See The Ugly Side Of Minimum Wage Hikes
Vatican Cardinal Warns: “West WIll Disappear” Because of Mass Migration
“Islam will invade the world”.
The New Socialists Have Decided To Destroy Capitalism. This Can’t Be Allowed
Barr Confirms Multiple Intel Agencies Implicated In Anti-Trump Spy Operation
Dershowitz praises Barr's testimony before Congress, says he's working hard to 'depoliticize' DOJ
Warren made more money than 99% of Americans last year
Ron Wyden’s Plan to Drain Investors
A new Democratic idea to grab revenue: Tax unrealized capital gains.
Black Americans don't need reparations, we need jobs
Every House Democrat But One: 234 Elected Officials Demand The Extermination Of Women’s Sports. #TimesUp
Baltimore lesbian's view on transgender women gets her kicked off LGBTQ panel — and onto Tucker Carlson show
Transgender prisoner who sexually assaulted inmates jailed for life
New Bernie Sanders healthcare plan is even more absurd than his old one
H.R. 5 Is No Act of Equality
Julia Beck speech on Committee Hearing on the “Equality Act”
Taxohantas wants to break up Google, Amazon, and Facebook
House Democrats Try To Force Schools To Allow Boys To Compete In Girls’ Sports
California Has Become America's Cannibal State
The ‘Equality Act’ is a threat to women's sports
Cost of illegal migration, $134.9 billion
Bernie Sanders healthcare overhaul would cover illegals
New York Denies Gold Star Families Free College Tuition, But Will Offer It To Illegal Aliens
The 2020 Democratic Aspirants Radiate Unseriousness
In the first 100 days, the socialist Democrats managed to call for over $100 trillion in new spending
Democrats overrule voters to impose racial and gender preferences.
Ten Plagues of California Are Turning The Golden State into a Third-World Hell Hole

Retarded Extremist Democrat Policies
Dems block 'born alive' bill to provide medical care to infants who survive failed abortions
A Wall Street expert explains why the US is the 'worst place' for AOC favorite economic theory — and breaks down the 'absolutely horrifying' impact it could have
Just ONE year’s flow of illegal immigration will cost up to $150 BILLION
Green New Deal Is Unserious and Juvenile
House Democrats take a big step toward passing $15 per hour US minimum wage
Whole Foods Adopts $15 Minimum Wage, Then Starts Slashing Workers' Hours 'Significantly'
Kamala Is Having Trouble Outrunning Her Past Policy Positions
Green New Deal Would Cost $93 Trillion
Obama advisor Summers rips ‘dangerous’ economics backed by Dems
Warren: Yes, Let’s Get Rid Of The Electoral College
I Went To San Francisco. What Happened To One Of America’s Most Beautiful Cities?
2020 Dems Embrace Most Radical Agenda In US History
Abolishing the Electoral College Is Unconstitutional and Wrong

Dems Tax Everything! Free Everything for Everyone including Illegals & Foreigners for Votes! Dems impose laws rules regs on everyone but exempt themselves! Massive Giant Enormous New Taxes and Tax Hikes by Taxocrats Plus Super Retarded Dumorat Policies!
Federal Law Would Open Girls’ Sports and Locker Rooms to Boys
The Equality Act Is about Coercion
From 'no crisis' to 'breaking point': Mainstream media outlets change their tune on border crisis amid illegal immigration surge
Family members of murder victims slam California Gov. Newsom's moratorium on death penalty
NY Dems allow $27M in tuition for illegals, deny the same for Gold Star families
Leftists Whipping Themselves Into a Jacobin Frenzy
Media Refuses To Admit Government Spied On Trump Campaign Because They Were Complicit In Russia Hoax
Dems who decry Trump plan to dump illegal aliens in rival political districts were SILENT when Obama was going to do it
Shouldn't Nancy Pelosi want detainees released into her sanctuary city?
That Time the Media Dubbed Michael Avenatti ‘Savior of the Republic’
Trump calls sanctuary cities' bluff: 'Let's see if they have open arms'
Omar with dramatic video using 9/11 footage
Kamala comes out as a gun owner
NC Abortion Provider Tweets Vile Excuse For Why Infants Should Not Be Considered Legal Persons At Birth
Rep. Joe Kennedy: No Sports Competitions for Women or Girls, Only for ‘Human Beings’
Why Should Anyone Obey the Law Anymore?
Kamala Reported Income Topping $2 Million on Tax Return
Joseph diGenova: Comey — the man who destroyed the FBI
Trump Just Drove A Mack Truck Through The Shameless Liberal Hypocrisy On Sanctuary Cities
Cher sounds alarm on mass immigration, saying California 'isn’t taking care of its own (many are vets)'
It's Pulitzer time — last year's prize for Russia-collusion reporting looks pretty dumb in hindsight
AOC blew Amazon out of New York in 2019 over tax breaks but demanded one for herself in 2012
'Horrible': Clinton loyalists exploited Obama's FBI to spread Russia conspiracy stories about Trump
Bernie Confirms What We Already Knew: He Literally Refuses To Put His Money Where His Mouth Is
Kamala: I'm Suddenly A Gun Owner Despite My Previous Assaults On 2nd Amendment
Behind the Obama administration’s shady plan to spy on the Trump campaign
Queer Mayor Butt's Abortion Extremism Hurts His Religious Appeal
Shouldn’t You Listen To Girls When They Don’t Want Boys In Their Bathroom?
Four Truths That Will Probably Get You Banned from a College Campus in 2019
Sorry Dumorats, but Your Stars Are Socialists
‘Mystery surcharge’ and gas taxes boost Taxifornia gasoline prices by about $1.26 per gallon
Maryland's new minimum wage is already hurting small business and eliminating jobs
Hey, Democrats: Here’s the price I paid for your socialist dream
Queer Mayor Butt: America Not Full, Send More Immigrants to South Bend
Teachers Unions In Rhode Island Object To Bill Criminalizing Sex With Children
How to Turn America into a Shit-hole Country in 4 Easy Steps
Planned Parenthood kept aborted babies alive to harvest organs, ex-technician says
People are pooping more than ever on the streets of San Francisco
Liar Warren says taxing ultramillionaires will pay for free college & student loan cancellation, but that's already paying for her childcare plan, housing plan, 'Green New Deal,' and free healthcare
Most Illegals in US receive government benefits, costing taxpayers billions
Dumocrats Push to Throw Trump Off 2020 Ballot in 18 States
Bernie draws mayoral pension while running for president — his campaign co-chair Rep. Ro Khanna once blasted such ‘double-dipping’
98,000 illegal immigrants graduating from US high schools
Biden’s additional problems: Ukraine, China and his son
Biden ‘Steered $1.8 Billion’ to Ukraine While His Son Bagged ‘Sweetheart Deal’
China Buying Off Biden Through His Son
Biden's 2020 Ukrainian nightmare
Bossie: The media need to investigate Joe Biden and his Ukraine dealings
Biden Funneled $1.8 Billion To Ukraine While Son Bagged 'Sweetheart' Government Deal

Stupid leftist commie socialist open border abolish ICE sanctuary cities tax hiking tax everything free everything for votes code pinko pussyhat multi-gendered nanny welfare state abortion on demand at birth free drugs free needles druggie enabling racist anti-semitic hate-filled Taxocrats

The Impeachment Schiff Show

Racist Stupid Schiffhole and Botox Fake Hair Color Racist Idiot Pelosi needs to be investigated
Ex-CIA Official: British Gov Teamed Up With Obama Admin to Spy on Trump Campaign
Biden Should Kiss 2020 Goodbye: A Stunning Unearthed Clipping Reveals Him Betraying the Dums
Democratic rivals poised to exploit Biden's past pronouncements
Democratic rivals poised to exploit Biden's past pronouncements
U.S. schools produce 100,000 illegal 'Dreamers' a year
Feds charge judge, court officer with helping suspect skirt ICE
Why one investor says Biden’s presidential bid poses a ‘meaningful threat’ to the stock market
More From Biden, Born 1942: Reparations? He’ll ‘Be Damned.’ Joe Has A Big Problem, & It’s Poised To Get A Lot Worse
Obama: Some jobs 'are just not going to come back'
Can California get any more liberal? It will if these laws pass
Suspect ordered deported shown in video of execution-styling killing
Joe Biden is no friend of the taxpayer
Most are hacks, but who are we to judge?
Trump says Americans 'fleeing' New York over high taxes
Kamala Harris: We Need to Raise Taxes on the Middle Class and Force Workers Into Unions
Hunter Biden reportedly breaks up with brother Beau’s widow
Activists say Biden's hardline drugs policies didn't apply to his children's cocaine and marijuana use
Collusion or Russian Disinformation?
How Moscow manipulated U.S. media, lawmakers and intelligence services into propagating a wild theory.
Obama’s NSA Chief, Discovered Administration’s ‘702’ Illegal Spying Operation And Briefed Trump About Surveillance Of Trump Tower
Man Competes In Women’s Powerlifting, Sets Four World Records
Listen to Joe diGenova
And in the case of the Obama anti-Trump brigade, be very afraid.
DOJ to probe possibility of Clinton-Russia collusion
Mueller's hiring of partisan officials undermined findings, not Barr's summary
'Medicare-for-all' will raise taxes, force hospital layoffs
Taxifornia bill creates permission slip for 'willful defiance' of teachers, staff
Ohr's 'Hi Honey' emails to DOJ about Russia collusion should alarm us all
Dem: 'Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later'
Giuliani calls for investigation into Biden over alleged conflict of interest
Did Biden Strongarm Ukraine To Protect His Son’s Job?
Doubling Americans' Income Taxes Wouldn't Cover Even the Lowest Cost Estimate for Single-Payer Healthcare
Chelsea Clinton pocketed $300K for attending just six meetings as a board member of IAC in 2018 - and now holds $6.3M worth of stock in the company run by family friend Barry Diller
F.B.I. Sent Investigator Posing as Assistant to Meet With Trump Aide in 2016
Biden’s additional problems: Ukraine, China and his son
Biden promises Sanders' free stuff — without the taxes
America on the verge of civil war, and neither side will back off
Biden Faces Conflict of Interest Questions That Are Being Promoted by Trump and Allies
NYT Confirms Hunter Biden Was Paid by Ukrainians While Father Was VP
‘Medicare for All’ Isn’t Medicare, it's Medicrap
House Democrats Just Proved Why Attorney General Barr Doesn’t Take Them Seriously
For Fear of William Barr
The attorney general gets attacked because his probe endangers many powerful people.
Susan Rice Ordered Spy Agencies To Produce ‘Detailed Spreadsheets’ Involving Trump
Oballer: Some jobs 'are just not going to come back'
Big Puzzle Pieces Connecting – The CIA, FBI, and 2016 Political Surveillance is Merging
FBI Admits Using Spies Against Trump Campaign
The Worm Has Turned on the Democrats
This Is Why The 'FBI Spying On Trump Campaign' Story All Of A Sudden Has More Leaks
Biden praised segregationist Strom Thurmond as 'closest friend
Biden's son under scrutiny for helping China spy on Muslims
Nadler’s Son Works for Firm Suing Trump – This is Material Real Conflict of Interest – He Must Recuse!
Experts predicted economic Armageddon under Trump — where are they now?
Senate Dumorats missed the point with their questions for Barr
Democrats fear Barr
Leaky Mueller is Desperate to Slow the Reckoning
Clinton 'dirt' tipster Joseph Mifsud has ties to 'U.S., British, and Italian intelligence'
Mifsud’s Role Went Well Beyond Spying, It Was Entrapment

Why Mueller did not investigate FISA apps, unmasking, Mifsud, Halper, corrupt FBI, CIA, NSA, Rice, Lynch, Powers, Yates, Ohrs, Clapper, Brennan, GPS Fusion, Dossier, Perkins Coie, Azra Turk, Kilimnik, why he did not do his job properly and make final decision, etc.
Dums Freaking Out: What if AG Barr Blows the Lid Off RussiaGate?
Clinton Foundation $25 million Ukrainian Viktor Pinchuk & $150 million Russian oligarchs 2012
Major Mueller Report Omissions Suggest Incompetence Or A Coverup
Trannies In Women’s Sports Destroy What Women Have Won
Comey is in trouble and he knows it

Charge & Flip Comey, Yates, Lynch, Rice, Clapper, Brennan, Powers, McCabe, etc unmasking, FISA, corruption, selling access, influence peddling, seditious conspiracy, Clinton Foundation, Ukraine/China Deals, Uranium One, Email server, etc., Make them Sing
Obama-Era Spying Is Now a Political Risk for Biden
Trader's appeal puts illegal FBI media leaks in Supreme Court crosshairs
Most teens want free college — until they realize it costs money
Senator says deep state investigation will find 'all roads lead to Comey'
Obama's Spy Czar Nukes Comey And FBI Director Wray
Biden's resurfaced 2007 comments on Iowa, race, education spark backlash
Blacks abandon Biden when told he opposed school integration
FBI’s Spy Warrant Against Trump Campaign Look Even More Tainted
NBC: Iran Preparing To Attack Americans In Middle East
Mueller used ‘hired guns’ for his report: Who were they?
Biden: We Have an ‘Obligation’ to Provide Health Care to Illegals
Portland’s Plan To Address Homeless People Pooping
Biden's fatal weakness if he gets the Dems' nomination
Orifice-Cortez: We Need A “Public Option” For Banking — Modeled On The US Postal Service
SF Weighs ‘IPO Tax’ to Spread Tech Wealth
Dums Are “Making A Terrible Mistake” On Contempt, Destroying Checks And Balances
FBI lawyer Baker admits he is 'nervous' about DOJ IG
‘Comey Is In A Lot Of Trouble’
The crumbling case for soda taxes
Biden Is a Bad Bet
Biden: 'We Need A Border Wall' And To 'Punish American Employers' Who Hire Illegals
Nadhole is Retarded
Illinois residents could be charged $1,000 a year to own an electric vehicle
The dangerous precedent of Congress demanding Trump's tax returns
Alyssa Milano Calls For "Sex Strike" To Protest Pro-Life Bill, Gets Mocked
Obama White House Was Tracking FOIA Requests Regarding Hillary Clinton
Alyssa Milano calls for women across America to go on a 'sex strike' until Georgia's controversial anti-abortion 'heartbeat bill' is overturned
Booker says Warren's Facebook proposal to Trump
Troubling reason why Biden is so soft on China
The dangerous doctrine of equity
Dem Plan Would Ban Private Medicine
Milano Calls for ‘Sex Strike’ to Protest Heartbeat Bills and Twitter Responds
The Senate has important work to do
States Start Hitting Electric cars With Higher Fees
Three decades of neoliberal policies have decimated the middle class, our economy, and our democracy
Why isn't the Senate investigating Biden's son over China, Ukraine dealings?
Biden on college: 'The only thing we cared about was jobs and panty raids'
Not Just Ukraine; Biden May Have A Serious China Problem over $1.5 BIL Deal
Thanks To Democratic Rule, California Has The Lowest Quality Of Life In The Nation
Dems itching to take down Biden over free-trade past
Biden called for a '40-story fence' to stop the flow of drugs across the border, where does he stand now?
Oregon Democrats Impose A New Tax, One That Voters Recently Rejected
Gowdy says John Brennan in more dossier peril than James Comey
New York, California get 'aggressive' when residents try to flee high taxes
Barr teases Pelosi, asks if she brought her handcuffs
Durham Once Probed Mueller In A Shocking Case
Brennan And Comey Start Pointing At Each Other As Barr’s Prosecutor Closes In
In The Last 2 Months, The Entire Population Of Orlando Reached Our Border
New York Times Quietly Changes Its Story On George Papadopoulos
Senate Should Call Hunter Biden to Testify on China and Ukraine Deals
Biden Should Kiss 2020 Goodbye: A Stunning Unearthed Clipping Reveals Him Betraying The Democratic Party
Russian Sources For The Steele Dossier Are Identified
Mueller knew there was no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion on day one
Biden's old comments about building a border fence are political gold for Trump
Around the world, backlash against expensive climate-change policies
Dum Voted To Crush The Dreams Of Women Athletes With The Ironically-Named ‘Equality Act’
Racist Stupid Canada
Obstruction criminal referral over Steele
Voters aren’t interested in Trump’s tax returns
Open Letter To Gavin Newsom: Your Policies Are Tearing My Family Apart
Loretta Lynch Says Comey Lied About Her Actions In The Clinton Investigation
Past 30 years, China has snatched an astronomical $4.4 trillion from the US
Democrats aren’t interested in legislating, and Trump knows it
It's the Dems Who Are Engaged in a 'Cover-Up'
No, Abortion Isn't a Constitutional Right
Growing Calls By Muslims To Accommodate Their Hatred Of Dogs
Op-ed calls out 'unlivable' conditions in Democratic-led cities
The Speaker agrees that senior government officials don’t answer to staff.
Dums wrong to hound Trump with continuing investigations. Vote him out in 2020
Obama Is Clearly Lying About His Involvement In The Trump-Russia Hoax
Lawsuit Seeks to Oust Trump-Hating California AG Xavier Becerra
Vindicative psycho deranged Dums harassing & targeting out of Hate
FBI Lawyer Says Page FISA Was Handled In An “Unusual Way,” Implicates Comey, McCabe, And Yates
Biden Reportedly Involved in Controversial Early Stages of 2016 Russia Probe
Queer Mayor Butt worships Higher Taxes
The Democrats’ Other Class War
Brennan's prized Russia informant
Desperate Democrats Have Subpoenaed The Records Of Don Jr.’S Family Member
The Inequality of the Equality Act: Concerns from the Left Julia Beck
Dums want to pay for health care for every illegal immigrant.
A Flood of Regulations Threatens to Leave California Dry
Feinstein has spent 20 years trying to stop a groundwater bank in the Mojave Desert
The myth of Kamala Harris. She’s just not who she appears to be.
NIMBY Mexifornia Dums
Taxifornia goes tax wild, eyes levies on everything from water to tires
People vote on whether or not they’re going to lose their job
Democrats calling Trump racist 'a disservice' to people who suffer from 'real racism'
Kamala Is a Cop Who Wants To Be President
Kamala has the least defensible healthcare position of any Dem candidate
Harris Wimps Out Again
The Cost of Providing Health Care to Illegal Aliens
2020 Dems pledge to destroy the USA
Bernie Sanders Predicts His $10,000 Tax Hike Will Save You Money. Watch the Fine Print
Slave Registers from London Name the Slaves Kamala Harris’ Ancestor Owned
Kamala Harris is not African American and her ancestors owned slaves
Can Taxohantas build a bigger welfare state without taxing the middle class?
2020 DEMs Wage War on the Young
In exchange for ‘free’ college, millennials will pick up tens of trillions in unfunded free Medicare Social Security Liabilities
Harris Proposes $100 Billion Plan To ‘Give Black Families Shot At Homeownership
Medicare for All Free Healthcare for ILLEGALS will cost $170+ TRILLION over 30 years, 177 million would lose private health insurance
Kamala Harris Called 18-24-Year-Olds ‘Stupid'
Everyone is a racist for islamocrats
To reduce illegal immigration, Hungary provides foreign aid – US should consider this approach
Warren Promises to Import at Least 700 Percent More Refugees to U.S.
"Sweden is at War"
The New Biden Tax
Sanders: Four Trillion Per Year For Medicare For All
Muslim Man Kills Jewish Woman, Judge Rules He Can’t Stand Trial For Stupid Reason
Dishonest Kamala Harris now claiming $32 trillion healthcare plan won't require middle-class tax hikes
California's latest descent into liberal madness – Berkeley bans natural gas
Do You Understand that Democrats will Destroy America?

Could YOU get a couple $BILLION Shady Foreign Deals without a VP Daddy All under Obama?
Need Special Counsel to Investigate Corrupt Biden🤬
🤮Dirty Biden refuses to Explain

Could YOU get a couple $BILLION Shady Foreign Deals without a VP Daddy All under Obama?

Need Special Counsel to Investigate Corrupt Biden
Hunter Biden: The Most Comprehensive Timeline
Celebrity Eco-Idiots Emit 10,000 Times More CO2 Than The Average Person

Tax Everything Taxocrats More Government = More Taxes

Wealth Tax
Carbon Tax
Mileage Use Tax
Texting Tax
Pre-Capital Gains Tax
Carry Tax
Cell Phone Usage Tax
Restaurant TaxHotel Tax
Food Tax
Drink Tax
Pot Tax
Sex Tax
Road TaxBridge Tax
EV Tax
License Tax
Mello Roos Tax
School Tax
City Sales Tax
County Sales Tax
State Sales Tax
Liquor Tax
Cigarette TaxPlastic Tax
Climate Tax
City Fuel Tax
County Fuel Tax
State Fuel Tax
Federal Fuel Tax
City Income Tax
County Income Tax
State Income Tax
Federal Income Tax
Non-resident Income Tax
Franchise Tax 
Sports Tax
Estate Tax
Marriage Tax
City Flight Tax
County Flight Tax
State Flight Tax
Federal Flight Tax
Hospital Tax
Death Tax
Healthcare Tax
Medicine Tax
Speeding Tax
Parking Tax
Heating Tax
Cooling Tax
Red Light Camera Tax

Personal/Consumer Taxes & Fees

1. Federal income tax
2. State income tax
3. Local income tax
4. Employee social security tax (your employer pays the other half)
5. Employee Medicare tax (your employer pays the other half)
6. Property taxes
7. Road toll charges
8. State sales tax
9. Driver's license renewal fee
10. TV Cable/Satellite fees & taxes
11. Federal telephone surtax, excise tax, and universal surcharge
12. State telephone excise tax and surcharge
13. Telephone minimum usage and recurring/nonrecurring charges tax
14. Gas/electric bill fees & taxes
15. Water/sewer fees & taxes
16. Cigarette tax
17. Alcohol tax
18. Federal gasoline tax
19. State gasoline tax
20. Local gasoline tax
21. Federal inheritance tax
22. State inheritance tax
23. Gift tax
24. Bridge toll charges
25. Marriage license
26. Hunting license
27. Fishing license
28. Bike license fee
29.Dog permit/license
30. State park permit
31. Watercraft registration & licensing fees
32. Sports stadium tax
33. Bike/nature trail permit
34. Court case filing fee
35. Retirement account early withdrawal penalty
36. Individual health insurance mandate tax
37. Hotel stay tax
38. Plastic surgery surcharge
39. Soda/fatty-food tax
40. Air transportation tax
41.Electronic transmission of tax return fees
42. Passport application/renewal fee
43. Luxury & gas-guzzler car taxes
44. New car surcharge
45. License plate and car ownership transfer taxes
46. Yacht and luxury boat taxes
47. Jewelry taxes & surcharges
48. State/local school tax
49. Recreational vehicle tax
50. Special assessments for road repairs or construction
51. Gun ownership permit
52. Kiddie tax (IRS form 8615)
53. Fuel gross receipts tax
54. Waste Management tax
55. Oil and gas assessment tax
56. Use taxes (on out-of-state purchase)
57. IRA rollover tax/withdrawal penalties
58. Tax on non-qualified health saving account distributions
59. Individual and small business surtax (page 336 of Obamacare)
60. Estimated income tax underpayment penalty
61. Alternative Minimum Tax on income

Business Taxes & Fees

62. Federal corporate income tax
63. State corporate income tax
64. Tax registration fee for new businesses
65. Employer social security tax
66. Employer Medicare tax
67. Federal unemployment tax
68. State unemployment tax
69. Business registration renewal tax
70. Worker's compensation tax
71. Tax on imported/exported goods
72. Oil storage/inspection fees
73. Employer health insurance mandate tax
74. Excise Tax on Charitable Hospitals (page 2001/Sec. 9007 of Obamacare)
75. Tax on Innovator Drug Companies (Page 2010/Sec. 9008 of Obamacare)
76. Tax on Medical Device Manufacturers (Page 2020/Sec. 9009 of Obamacare)
77. Tax on Health Insurers (Page 2026/Sec. 9010 of Obamacare)
78. Excise Tax on Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans, i.e. "Cadillac" plans
79. Tax on indoor tanning services
80. Utility users tax
81. Internet transaction fee (passed in California; being considered in other states and at federal level)
82. Professional license fee (accountants, lawyers, barbers, dentists, plumbers, etc.)
83. Franchise business tax
84. Tourism and concession license fee
85. Wiring inspection fees
86. Household employment tax
87. Biodiesel fuel tax
88. FDIC tax (insurance premium on bank deposits)
89. Electronic waste recycling fee
90. Hazardous material disposal fee
91. Food & beverage license fee
92. Estimated income tax underpayment penalty
93. Building/construction permit
94. Zoning permit
95. Fire inspection fee
96. Well permit tax
97. Sales and Use tax seller's permit
98. Commercial driver's license fee
99. Bank ATM transaction tax
100. Occupation taxes and fees (annual charges required for a host of professions)

#1 Air Transportation Taxes (just look at how much you were charged the last time you flew)

#2 Biodiesel Fuel Taxes

#3 Building Permit Taxes

#4 Business Registration Fees

#5 Capital Gains Taxes

#6 Cigarette Taxes

#7 Court Fines (indirect taxes)

#8 Disposal Fees

#9 Dog License Taxes

#10 Drivers License Fees (another form of taxation)

#11 Employer Health Insurance Mandate Tax

#12 Employer Medicare Taxes

#13 Employer Social Security Taxes

#14 Environmental Fees

#15 Estate Taxes

#16 Excise Taxes On Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans

#17 Federal Corporate Taxes

#18 Federal Income Taxes

#19 Federal Unemployment Taxes

#20 Fishing License Taxes

#21 Flush Taxes (yes, this actually exists in some areas)

#22 Food And Beverage License Fees

#23 Franchise Business Taxes

#24 Garbage Taxes

#25 Gasoline Taxes

#26 Gift Taxes

#27 Gun Ownership Permits

#28 Hazardous Material Disposal Fees

#29 Highway Access Fees

#30 Hotel Taxes (these are becoming quite large in some areas)

#31 Hunting License Taxes

#32 Import Taxes

#33 Individual Health Insurance Mandate Taxes

#34 Inheritance Taxes

#35 Insect Control Hazardous Materials Licenses

#36 Inspection Fees

#37 Insurance Premium Taxes

#38 Interstate User Diesel Fuel Taxes

#39 Inventory Taxes

#40 IRA Early Withdrawal Taxes

#41 IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)

#42 IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)

#43 Library Taxes

#44 License Plate Fees

#45 Liquor Taxes

#46 Local Corporate Taxes

#47 Local Income Taxes

#48 Local School Taxes

#49 Local Unemployment Taxes

#50 Luxury Taxes

#51 Marriage License Taxes

#52 Medicare Taxes

#53 Medicare Tax Surcharge On High Earning Americans Under Obamacare

#54 Obamacare Individual Mandate Excise Tax (if you don’t buy “qualifying” health insurance under Obamacare you will have to pay an additional tax)

#55 Obamacare Surtax On Investment Income (a new 3.8% surtax on investment income)

#56 Parking Meters

#57 Passport Fees

#58 Professional Licenses And Fees (another form of taxation)

#59 Property Taxes

#60 Real Estate Taxes

#61 Recreational Vehicle Taxes

#62 Registration Fees For New Businesses

#63 Toll Booth Taxes

#64 Sales Taxes

#65 Self-Employment Taxes

#66 Sewer & Water Taxes

#67 School Taxes

#68 Septic Permit Taxes

#69 Service Charge Taxes

#70 Social Security Taxes

#71 Special Assessments For Road Repairs Or Construction

#72 Sports Stadium Taxes

#73 State Corporate Taxes

#74 State Income Taxes

#75 State Park Entrance Fees

#76 State Unemployment Taxes (SUTA)

#77 Tanning Taxes (a new Obamacare tax on tanning services)

#78 Telephone 911 Service Taxes

#79 Telephone Federal Excise Taxes

#80 Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Taxes

#81 Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Taxes

#82 Telephone State And Local Taxes

#83 Telephone Universal Access Taxes

#84 The Alternative Minimum Tax

#85 Tire Recycling Fees

#86 Tire Taxes

#87 Tolls (another form of taxation)

#88 Traffic Fines (indirect taxation)

#89 Use Taxes (Out of state purchases, etc.)

#90 Utility Taxes

#91 Vehicle Registration Taxes

#92 Waste Management Taxes

#93 Water Rights Fees

#94 Watercraft Registration & Licensing Fees

#95 Well Permit Fees

#96 Workers Compensation Taxes

#97 Zoning Permit Fees

Income tax

1. Capital gains tax is a tax on the sale of an investment, usually stocks, bonds, precious metals and property.
2. Corporate tax is levied on the earnings or profits of a corporation.
3. Dividend tax is a tax on dividends paid to sharlolders of a company.
4. Excess profits tax is a tax on unusually high profits levied on a corporation. This was largely levied in the United States in times of war to prevent war profiteering, but has been proposed at other times.
5. Flat tax, an income tax where everyone pays the same tax rate.
6. Gift tax, a tax on gifts given (generally paid by the person making the gift, not by the recipient).
7. Gross receipts tax, a tax on revenues received by a corporation, even if they don't profit.
8. Hall–Rabushka flat tax, a flat tax on income that excludes investments.
Inheritance tax, a tax paid on money gained through inheritance
9. Negative income tax, an income tax where the poor receive payment from the government, instead of owing taxes.
10. Windfall profits tax is a tax on profits gained by a company that has some kind of large unexpected profit.

Payroll tax

11. FICA tax is a tax levied in the United States to fund Social Security and Medicare.
12. Pay-as-you-earn tax is a tax paid on each paycheck to pay towards income tax. It is commonly refunded when taxpayers file income tax returns.
13. Withholding tax is money withheld from a paycheck, often to contribute to income tax liability.

Property taxes

14. Most property taxes charge for both the value of the land and the value of any buildings or other improvements on the land.

15. Carucage was a tax on land levied in Medieval England. The tax was only collected when the government required extra revenue and was never levied regularly.
16. Council Tax is a tax in the United Kingdom on houses.
17. Danegeld was a tax paid to the Vikings to ensure the Vikings would not raid a person's land.
18. Kharaj is an Islamic tax on agricultural land.
19. Land value tax is a tax on the value of land that does not tax the value of the improvements on the land.
20. Tallage, a tax on land levied in Medieval Europe.
21. Window tax was a tax levied in England based on the number of windows on a building.

Consumption taxes

22. A general tax refers to a tax that applies to all or most goods and services and where all are taxed at the same rate. An excise tax refers to a tax on a single item, which may be different than the tax levied on other items.

General taxes

23. Sales tax is a tax on retail sales.
24. Value added tax is a tax on manufacturing that taxes the difference between 25. the cost of raw materials and the cost of the final product.
26.FairTax is a proposal to replace every tax in a particular country with a single retail sales tax. To avoid having the tax being regressive, the tax system would also provide a rebate to every citizen subject to the tax.
27. Per unit tax, a tax charged proportionally to the amount sold, such as by cents per kilogram.
28. Turnover tax, a tax on intermediate and capital goods that is viewed as a precursor to a value-added tax.
29. Use tax, a tax charged on an item purchased in an area without a sales tax when brought to areas that has one.

Excise taxes

30. Alcoholic Tax is a tax that levies alcohol.
31. Carbon tax is a tax levied on the carbon content of fuels, as a measure to income the impact of global warming.
32. Fat tax is a tax levied on unhealthy foods.
Financial transaction tax is a tax on certain financial transactions, such as the sale of stocks.
34. Fuel excise is a tax levied on fuels, especially for motor vehicles.
35. Luxury tax is a tax on luxury goods.
36. Soda tax is a tax on soda.
37. Sin tax is a tax levied against any undesired activity. This includes taxes on alcohol and cigarettes.
38. Stamp Duty is a tax levied on official documents.
39. Transfer tax is a tax levied on the sale of property.
40. Vehicle excise duty is a tax on vehicles levied in the United Kingdom.

Historical Taxes

41. Adet-i ağnam was an annual tax on sheep and goats levied by the Ottoman Empire. Unlike most Ottoman taxes, this tax went to the national treasury, rather than regional treasuries. It was largely collected through tax farming.
42. Resm-i arusane, known as the bride tax, was a tax on marriage levied by the Ottoman Empire.
43. Rav akçesi, a tax levied on rabbis by the Ottoman Empire
44. Salt tax is a tax on salt. Salt taxes have been the least popular taxes in history. Salt taxes in France, India and Russia were significant contributors to revolutions or uprisings in those countries.

Proposed Taxes

45. Automated Payment Transaction tax is a proposed single tax system where all tax revenue would be collected by a small percentage of all transactions.
46. Bank taxes, propose to improve financial stability.
47. Currency transaction tax is a tax on currency conversions.
48. Spahn tax is a proposed currency transaction tax that attempts to tax speculators while not taxing more necessary currency conversions.
Tobin tax is a proposed tax on spot conversions between currencies.
49. Robin Hood tax is a campaign to enact a package of financial transaction taxes.
50. Natural resources consumption tax is a proposed tax on natural resources, including in ungoverned areas such as oceans.

Tariffs Taxes

51. A tariff is a tax levied on items crossing an international border.
Tribute is a payment made from a less powerful country to a more powerful country as a sign of allegiance.

Capitation Taxes

52. Poll tax, also called a head tax, is a fixed tax that must be paid by each person.
53. Fiscus Judaicus, was a tax that Jews were required to pay in the Roman Empire
54. Jizya is a tax paid by non-Muslims in a Muslim state. Compare to Zakat.
55. Leibzoll was tax that Jews were required to pay in Medieval Europe.
56. Temple tax was a Roman tax used to pay for temples.
57. Tithe is a payment to a church or similar authority. While voluntary in modern times, historically these payments have been mandatory.
58. Tolerance tax was a tax levied in Austria-Hungary against Jews.
59. Zakat is a tax paid by Muslims in a Muslim state. Compare to Jizya.

Fees and tolls Taxes

60. Development Impact Tax is a fee charged to a developer to pay for the amount of infrastructure that will need to be built to accommodate the new residents or customers of the development. Such fees fund municipal government services such as roads, domestic water services and schools.
61. Fares are payments required to use public transportation.
62. Toll, a fee required to use government infrastructure, usually a road, including bridges and tunnels.
63. Tuition is a charge collected for attending schools and colleges. Many countries charge tuition for attending government run schools, making this a form of tax.

Effective Taxes

64. Inflation tax is the value lost by inflation, by holders of cash and those on fixed incomes. Inflation causes those holding cash to lose money by reducing its real value, but at the same time, reduces the amount owed by debtors because the real value of the debt has decreased.
65. Seigniorage is the difference between the value of money and the actual cost required to produce it. Mints make a profit from this difference in value, so it is frequently viewed as a tax.

More Taxes

66. Corvée refers to a person being forced to work instead of paying taxes. Such systems require certain classes of people to labor for a certain length of time, and the person would be free once the corvee obligations were met. While a form of unfree labor, it is also considered a tax, since a person's labor has value. Corvee was often implemented in areas where the poor had no money to pay as taxes.
67. Church tax is any tax that goes to a church.
68. Ecotax, a tax of any kind intended to improve the environment.
69. Franchise tax is a tax levied on the net worth of a corporation.
70. Khums was a tax on items looted during war levied in Islamic States.
71. Scutage was a tax levied in England. A person could pay scutage instead of serving in the military.
72. Surtax is an additional tax levied on some other tax.
73. Wealth tax is a tax on the value of everything owned by a person.

Taxation practices

74. Ad valorem tax is any tax that is based on the actual value of the item being taxed. Nearly any type of tax can be an ad valorem tax.
75. Direct tax is a tax paid by a person, as opposed to a tax levied on a business that the person indirectly pays.
76. Double taxation is when a tax is paid twice on the same income or item.
77. Indirect tax is a tax collected by an intermediary (such as a store) on behalf of the person who actually is required to pay (such as a customer)
78. Lump-sum tax is a tax that is a set amount, regardless of a person's wealth or an item's value.
79. Pigovian tax is a tax on a good or service that causes a harm to society that is not paid by the users of that good or service. It is designed to pay for the negative externalities of the good.
80. Payment in lieu of taxes is a system where an entity that is exempt from taxation makes a payment to the government instead. This payment may be mandatory or voluntary. Usually it applies to property.
81. Proportional tax is any tax where the tax rate is the same for all payers.
82. Progressive tax is a tax that charges the rich a greater percentage of their income than the poor.
83. Regressive tax is a tax that charges the poor a greater percentage of their income than the rich.
84. Single tax is a tax system that has only one tax levied.
Steering tax is a tax that aims to change the behavior of the public.
85.Tax Farming is where a government grants persons the right to collect taxes and turn them over to the government.

10 hidden taxes you didn't know you're paying

(MoneyWatch) The dreaded "fiscal cliff" could raise taxes for 80 to 90 percent of Americans, if no deal occurs before the end of the year. But with attention focused on the political wrangling in Washington, the American Institute of CPAs is out with 10 common taxes many Americans don't realize they are paying. To help individuals plan for these insidious taxes, the AICPA has also created the Total Tax Insights calculator.

1. Medicare tax: The amount withheld by your employer from your paycheck (often under the line item "FICA," which stands for Federal Insurance Contributions Act) helps cover the cost of running the Medicare program, the federal system of health insurance for people over the age of 65. Employers pay one half of the FICA tax and employees pay the other half. The employee contribution is 6.2 percent for Social Security and 1.45 percent for Medicare on wages up to $110,100. The temporary payroll tax cut for tax years 2011 and 2012 reduced the employee portion for Social Security by 2 percent.

2. Self-employment tax: A Social Security and Medicare tax for individuals who work for themselves. It is similar to the Social Security and Medicare taxes withheld from the pay of most wage earners. The self-employment tax consists of two parts: 12.4 percent for Social Security and 2.9 percent for Medicare (hospital insurance) on income up to $110,100. However, the temporary payroll tax cut for tax years 2011 and 2012 reduced self-employment tax by 2 percent. You can deduct the employer-equivalent portion of your self-employment tax in figuring your adjusted gross income. This deduction only affects your income tax. It does not affect either your net earnings from self-employment or your self-employment tax.

3. Alternative minimum tax (AMT): The alternative minimum tax was created in 1969 to ensure that wealthy taxpayers pay at least some minimum amount of federal income tax, regardless of deductions, credits or exemptions. In essence, it is a flat tax with two brackets, 26 percent and 28 percent. The problem with AMT is that it now ensnares not only the wealthiest Americans, but 4 million to 5 million taxpayers with annual incomes between $200,000 and $1 million. Congress has yet to approve a new inflation "patch" that would allow millions to escape AMT (the last patch expired in December). If a new one is not enacted, the AMT will hit 31 million taxpayers this year, reaching deeply into the middle class.

The utility taxes that Americans pay can add up quickly, as do the so-called "sin taxes" on alcohol and tobacco products.

4. Electricity or natural gas tax: A tax collected by energy suppliers based on consumption during the billing period.

5. Cable tax: Tax imposed on cable television subscribers.

6. Landline phone tax: Federal and state tax associated with use of a fixed phone line.

7. Cellphone tax: Federal and state tax imposed on mobile telephone users.

8. Federal and state gasoline tax: A tax on every gallon of gasoline sold, which account for 11 percent of the cost of a gallon of gas, according to the Energy Information Administration. Federal excise taxes are 18.4 cents per gallon and state excise taxes average 23.44 cents per gallon.

9. Cigarette tax: The tax on cigarette use varies from state to state. New York City has the highest rate, charging $4.35 per package of 20 cigarettes on the state level, plus an additional local excise tax of $1.50 per package of 20 cigarettes, bringing the combined tax rate in New York City to $5.85.

10. State alcohol tax: The tax imposed on the purchase of beer, wine and spiritsvaries state by state. The highest rate for spirits can be found in Washington and the highest for beer is Alaska. Wyoming has the lowest rate.

Extremist Socialist Taxocrats Platform Agenda Proposals(Cost over $200 TRILLION over 10 years):

Tax Everything!
Regulate Everything
Free Everything for Everyone including Illegals and Foreigners for Votes!
Illegals can vote
Open Borders Abolish ICE Sanctuary Cities
Free Welfare Medical Healthcare Housing Education Jobs for Illegals
Massive New Taxes
Massive Tax Hikes
Gov will solve everything
Everyone dependent on welfare
$100 Trillion Green New Deal
Guaranteed jobs for all
Reparations to African-Americans
Packing the Supreme Court
Late-term abortion
Abort Everything
Banning PAC contributions
Abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Legalizing drugs
Eliminating the filibuster
Opposing all Trump judicial nominees
Boycotting the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference
Abolishing the Electoral College
Massive Tax Hikes
Massive 100% Estate Taxes
Massive 90% Income Taxes
Massive Social Security Tax Hikes
Eliminate all gasoline and diesel vehicles
Eliminate airplanes
Eliminate meat
Stop cow farts
Rebuild and retrofit every structure in America for energy efficiency
Free Preschool
Free College
Open Borders
All foreigners and illegals can vote
Free healthcare for illegals
Free education for illegals
Free welfare for illegals
Gun Restrictions
Free Speech Restrictions
Eat Dead Humans
Eat Babies
Climate Killing Everyone
Free Money
Nanny Welfare State
Abortion On-Demand Paid by Gov
Massive Gov Expansion

Progressive Change Campaign Committee (Medicare-for-all),
Indivisible (filibuster),
Sunrise Movement (Green New Deal),
National Popular Vote (Electoral College),
MoveOn (boycotting AIPAC)
Demand Justice (judicial picks)

Abolish the Electoral College
Make the Senate representative of population
Allow children to vote
Have a policy suggestion box
Massive wealth redistribution through tax policy
Permit killing viable babies
End of world in 10 years
Rebuild all buildings in USA
Eliminate all gasoline cars and trucks
Eliminate all airplanes

Destroying norms
Free everything for votes
Open borders for all illegals
Abortion after birth
open borders
medicare for all gov takeover health
stop eating meat
no more cow farts
no more oil and gas
no more nuclear power
70% marginal tax rate
100% estate taxes
Voting rights for illegals
Free healthcare for all including illegals and foreigners
Free education for illegals
Free welfare for illegals
Don't care about real Americans

Reparations for idiots
Illicit drug legalization
Free needles

full government takeover of the health care industry,
a job guarantee program,
doubling the minimum wage,
free preschool,
free college,
a quasi-universal basic income,
the abolition of the Electoral College,
reparations for the great-great-great-great-grandchildren of slaves,
Green New Money Pit

Hate Trump Mental Illness
Tax Everything
Hike Taxes
Regulate Everything
Ban Everything
Ban Oil & Gas
Ban Airplanes, Cars
Stop Cow Farts
Medicare for All = Medicare for None
Free Everything for Votes
Open Borders
Abolish ICE
Sanctuary Cities
Free Welfare Healthcare Education Housing Money Jobs etc for Illegals
Males competing with Females in Everything
Confiscate Guns
Green New Garbage
Retrofit all Buildings
Free Needles
Homeless Everywhere

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